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Build With Propane Guide

Build With Propane Guide


Propane Energy Study
Propane Energy Study


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Propane Information

“Propane Is Safe, Efficient, Clean Energy”

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has many ways to help residents and businesses save money using clean energy propane.

Propane on the Farm
Building With Propane
Propane For Restaurants & Commercial Buildings

Propane on the Farm

propane fueled dairy farmNearly 900,000 farms in the United States use propane, and with good reason. Farmers can depend on propane to cost effectively and responsibly run their operations both in and out of the field. Through PERC the propane industry is developing and improving propane-fueled technologies and programs that increase farm productivity, reduce environmental impact and enhance safety.

Propane is an essential energy source in the production of agriculture products. Traditionally, propane has been used for water and space heating applications, and to fuel engines. PERC is researching new uses including pest control, sanitation, and waste management technology

As farmers seek more environmentally friendly production methods propane is the clear choice to achieve responsible results.

Farmers interested in saving money on propane equipment can take advantage of various prgrams and incentives for alternative fuel.

In addition, PERC is offering a financial incentive through the Propane Farm Incentive Program, formerly known as the Propane FEED (Farm Equipment Efficiency Demonstration) program for farmers who want to demonstrate new propane-fueled equipment.


Building With Propane

Propane for home or businessIf you're a building owner, you bear the ultimate responsibility for your building's performance. Whether you're acquiring, renovating, or constructing a new project, you want to ensure your building has the right amenities to maximize its value and cost-efficient operation to protect your bottom line. Propane meets your project's needs on both counts, and we have the resources and research to make you confident in your decision.

If you're an architect, your clients are demanding informed recommendations on building and energy systems that maximize the value of their projects. You need to know about the latest technologies for energy-efficient space heating and water heating, amenities like gas cooking and outdoor living, and energy systems that are dependable and safe. Exploring our resources and the training available at the Propane Training Academy can give you the right answers to your clients' questions.

If you're an engineer, you need to help your construction team understand the financial and practical implications of any energy decision. Propane is a clean energy choice that can help your project team slash a building's energy costs while delivering performance and comfort in a variety of building types. We have the tools and resources you need to calculate energy costs and analyze the energy decision.

If you're a builder or general contractor, your project team is counting on you to be up to date on how the latest propane technologies fit into your buildings. The Build with Propane Guide: Commercial Edition is designed to help you learn more about propane's environmental and energy efficiency benefits and provide you with the information you need to make the smart energy choice. Whether your challenge is providing top-notch appliances and amenities or recommending a heating system that keeps energy costs low, building with propane provides a solution that meets your needs.


Propane in restaurants and retail buildings

Propane is a smart energy choice that keeps your business and your building running at peak performance.

For owners of restaurants and retail facilities like banks and pharmacies, the bottom line is always top of mind. The cost of energy is a major component of their operating costs, and they can't risk any downtime or impact on their operations from an unreliable source of energy. Building and renovating with propane appliances can help the owners of those buildings slash their energy costs and deliver the key performance amenities that are vital to their business.

propane tank installation

Underground Tank Case Study highlights a propane-fueled business park published by Propane Education & Research Council.

Space heating and water heating are necessary costs for restaurant and store owners, and they make up a huge portion of an owner's operating expenses. According to the Department of Energy's Energy Star program, retail companies spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year, and a 10 percent decrease in energy costs has an impact on operating income equivalent to a 1.26 percent increase in sales for the average retail store. By choosing an energy-efficient tankless propane water heating system over standard electric water heaters, you can chop your building energy costs for a quick return on investment.

While propane is typically associated with a building's heating, several new and developing technologies work with your building's propane supply to provide comfortable air conditioning and cooling. One new product, for instance, turns your air-conditioning system into a water heating system, allowing you to pre-heat your hot water and save up to 50 percent on your water heating bills.

Propane-fueled standby generators provide insurance against power disruption to ensure your business won't have to endure an outage. A restaurant or store can't afford any downtime from a power outage. For businesses with refrigerated food or medications, an uninterrupted power supply is critical. While storms, unpredictable weather, and unreliable power grids create an uncertain supply of electricity, propane is a safe and dependable energy source that won't fail in a storm.

Propane metering provides a hassle-free way of providing propane service to your retail or restaurant tenants. Just as with electric or natural gas service, your propane company can install individual unit meters and bill tenants for the propane they use each month. Instead of owners needing to devise a way to divvy up the costs of unequal water use among the tenants, or simply attempting to recoup the cost with higher rent, meters provide a surefire way to bill the exact cost of utilities to the tenants that use them.

Placing your propane tank need not be a concern, even in complicated retrofit scenarios. Your propane company can help you determine a safe and aesthetically pleasing placement option for your tank, whether it's hidden behind the landscaping or located underground. A propane tank can be buried with minimal excavation costs, leaving only a small dome visible just inches above the ground. The propane company will help ensure the tank is accessible for easy servicing and refilling and minimal interruption for your business.


commercial propane use
Commercial Propane


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